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Welcome to OralBiofilm Test

The OralBiofilm Test is the First Step you can take to separate yourself from any hidden dental infections now known to harm your medical health. Your body and its health is absolutely the greatest asset you will ever have. Possessing excellent medical health has been profoundly proven to be the slowest way to die. For the most part, it will not be medical science or routine dental care that will keep you healthy and free from disease, but removing the harmful things in your life to make room for the positive things you can do for yourself every day. Yes, seek to live longer and enjoy as much of life as you can.

The First Step provides a complete oral bacterial analysis of your mouth that has never before been possible with previous methods or technology. All dental disease is caused by bacteria (both cavities and gum disease) and simple logic tells us if we are able to identify and destroy the bad pathogenic bacteria, their removal will also result in the removal of the disease they cause. There is unquestioned evidence that pathogenic bacteria that live under the gums enter into the vascular system 24/7 to influence multiple Medical Diseases.

The test has two parts, one that provides an analysis of the clinical condition of your mouth by doing a clinical periodontal evaluation to determine clinical tissue pathology, bone loss, pocket depths and loss of periodontal attachment around the teeth. The second part is an exclusive medical PCR bacterial DNA test using 16S rRNA sequencing technology, which identifies not just some, but all species of bacteria, yeast and fungus present in the mouth. The test takes 15 to 20 minutes and the cost is $249. Included in the fee is a second visit to discuss the results of the test or during the clinical exam, if something is seen as a suspicious infection, an appropriate x-ray will be taken also as part of the fee.

Our new location is on the West Loop in an office associated with Houston Uptown Dentists, 1300 Post Oak Blvd., Ste. 1620. To schedule a test, please call 713-622-6112. If you would like more information about any part of the test, please text me, Dr. Wilson, at 832-998-1941 and I will return a call back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Bradley R. Wilson, DDS, MSD